An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge


Wonder - R.J. Palacio

Another from NPR's Ultimate Backseat Bookshelf.


This definitely felt like a message book. The author wanted to make the point that bullying is bad so she wrote this book with the point that bullying is bad.


I don't think it was as terrible as some other reviewers (e.g. the fact that Auggie wins an award for being born the way he is is lampshaded in the book which makes the scene slightly more palatable than if it hadn't been). But it's not great.


I thought the writing was inconsistent. Or maybe it was too consistent? Every character sounds the same, and every character sounds older than they're supposed to be. If Auggie and Via had been aged up, their voices would have made more sense (with the exception of all the use of Mommy/Daddy... what was up with that?).


I'm not mad I read it, but if I weren't aiming to check it off my list I wouldn't have finished it.