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The Year of the Garden

The Year of the Garden (An Anna Wang novel) - Andrea Cheng, Patrice Barton

This book needed to be longer. It was too short to serve its story well. Laura and Anna's friendship needed more space to develop.


Also I don't believe that Anna cannot PRONOUNCE HER OWN NAME. Seriously, what the fuck? Cheng does a pretty good job of writing Asian characters but this part of the story was so ridiculous I almost quit reading.


Anna would have some pronunciation of her name. Whether that pronunciation is "correct" could be up for debate, but KIDS KNOW THEIR NAMES. Speaking from experience, it would have been 100% more realistic if Anna didn't tell Laura her middle name because 1. LAURA wouldn't be able to pronounce it or 2. Anna is embarrassed by her middle name because she's told people before and they made fun of her for it.