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My dad once said to me, "You give a lot of books three stars." I do.



Thief! (The Queen's Thief, #0.5) -  Chad Cameron, Megan Whalen Turner

I 100% read this short story before I read The Thief (I'm pretty sure it's the reason I went out and bought the book in the first place), and it spoils the ending of that book. But really that reveal is only one small part of the story, and I 100% didn't mind when I read it as a kid.


Spoilers under the read more.


I haven't reread this short story since then. I vaguely remembered the details, but I found it confusing this time around (mainly the whole jumping the light well thing... The writing wasn't very clear about Gen's jumping/Sten's seeing).


Also it just made me sad because in KoA Gen mentions how most of his cousins are dead.


But it also made me a little happy because I remembered that there were new short stories published with the rerelease of the series so I'm going to try and read those over the next week or so.


ETA: All the characters are whitewashed* which is also disappointing.


*Fantasy world, race is a social construct, blah, blah, blah... the books make it pretty clear that people from Eddis (also Mede) are darker than the people from Sounis and Attolia. That's not reflected in the illustrations of Thief!