An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

My dad once said to me, "You give a lot of books three stars." I do.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Ann Brashares

These books were seminal to my teenage years. I was roughly the same age as the characters in each book (+/- one year). But I haven't read them since then.


I almost stopped my reread because on one of the first pages there's a comment about people eating dogs in Korea. Seriously? This book was published in 2001 and everyone involved should have known better. I can only hope that bit has been edited out of subsequent editions.


The story feels rushed like there's not enough space for all the emotions Brashares is trying to cram into the book (this didn't bother me as a teen). It doesn't feel dated though, so that's something. I'm going to reread the whole series (yes, even Sisterhood Everlasting). I want to see how the rest hold up.