An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

The Unexpected

The Unexpected (Animorphs #44) - K.A. Applegate

I was really hoping for more from the next Cassie book. There's a little more than I remembered, but not much. The last few books we've been getting hints at what's going on with Cassie, and I wanted to see how she's dealing with the last few missions

(leaving Rachel and Marco behind, sitting out then not sitting out the Taylor mission)

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There's a little consideration of where they've ended up in this war, and a lot of action. It's not terribly written action (though parts on the plane did stretch my suspension of disbelief), but it's not what I was hoping for either.


Discussion under the cut.

The initial mission in the book seems weird. I mean, why are the Animorphs so intent on showing everyone Bug fighters? For some reason, this is the thing they think will convince everyone that aliens are invading earth (that's the starting point for The Forgotten, too). Not the fact that they have an actual alien on their team. Or that they can morph into animals... nope, revealing a spaceship. That's what it will take to convince the humans of earth.


Then there's the whole Cassie's being chased by controllers on an airplane bit. Acquiring has gone wonky a few times in the series, but the trance has never been enhanced to the point where the acquiree falls over. This whole bit just seemed implausible.


There's more Native (I'm guessing Aboriginal in this case) portrayals that I don't know what to make of. They seem okay, but I really can't say if it's good or bad.


When Visser Three is destroying all evidence that they've been there why don't they just shoot Cassie and Yami and his family? I mean, they're blasting craters all over the place, why not just eliminate your enemy as well?