An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

The Other

The Other - Katherine Applegate

I'm pretty sure this was the last of the main series that I read as a kid. It's pretty good. I like this version of Marco. I like the conversation about disability (even though some of the language isn't great... I don't think handicapped is a preferred term). I do wish the series would get back on track to stopping the Yeerk invasion though. It feels like a long time since we've had a book that deals with that.


Questions under the cut.

I don't understand the term vecol. Is Mertil a vecol because he can't morph and that's compounded by the loss of his tail? Or is he only a vecol because of the loss of his tail? It's not super clear by usage alone.


Why is the sky inside the bunker blue (like Earth) and not red/gold (like the Andalite home world)?


Why doesn't Gafinilan morph human to go into the backyard? There's a force field around the house but no hologram... anyone peeking in the backyard could see him.