An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

My dad once said to me, "You give a lot of books three stars." I do.

The Attack

Animorphs #26: The Attack - K.A. Applegate

I was wrong about these last few books. I thought they were different (worse) ones. But this was good. There are new aliens, a new alien world and a decent mission/battle.


Just one question under the cut

The last two books have shown us strange morphs. Marco lost all his limbs morphing fly in the last book before his fly legs grew. Normally arms and legs become four of the legs with an extra pair shooting from the chest.


And bird wings disappearing into shoulder blades before arms regrowing from shoulders. Usually the wings just become arms.


In this book Jake's talons (in falcon morph) become his hands where as talons have always formed from feet.


I can't think about morphing and all that covers (acquiring and storing DNA, the morphing process, the time limit, etc) too much because I know if I start I'll never stop, but these just stood out as weird. Even though the Animorphs are always saying that morphing never works the same way twice, there were some consistencies that have now been broken.