An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

The Threat

The Threat - Katherine Applegate

My friend spoiled this book for me (in a weird way because I knew the spoiler wasn't true because I was reading the books out of order... in fact I think I even read the David trilogy out of order the first time... I might have read The Solution before The Threat? It's hard to remember this was many many years ago), but it was still great. And it remains great despite the seven million questions I have about security. Security is talked about in The Threat more than any other Animorphs book, and I'm still not satisfied with the answers/outcomes. But that's just a flaw of the books I will have to accept.


This is also the first book to mention a morphing incident that wasn't in a previous book.*


Some non-security related questions under the cut.

*Cassie mentions that Jake morphed tiger one time and ran around neighborhood roofs. I'm pretty sure this wasn't in any of the previous books.


There are some little continuity errors and just strange observations. Like when David is in the hotel wearing sweatpants that are somehow tight enough for him to have morphed. I'm pretty sure sweatpants aren't skintight especially when they're on a boy in the 90s.


Why don't they use their owl morphs more? They all have them (with the exception of Tobias and now David), yet they usually use their main bird of prey morph when flying no matter the time.


Where did they get the date of the banquet from? Was it online somewhere? Did some Controller in the hotel mention it and I missed it?


How many books are going to feature the KFC cannibalism seagull joke?