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The Passion of Artemisia

The Passion of Artemisia - Susan Vreeland

I didn't even know who Artemisia Gentileschi was when I bought this book. I only knew Vreeland's The Girl in Hyacinth Blue (very enjoyable).


I read it very slowly as it was my break book, but it worked well in that format. The story covers a long period of time, but the chapters are short and the characters are easy to keep track of, despite their numbers.


There's a lot if Italian at the beginning, but it's integrated pretty seamlessly. Even if you don't understand Italian at all you'll be able to understand everything that's happening. Vreeland has a gift for showing the meaning without spelling everything out.


There was a bit that bothered me in the middle that I can't remember now so I guess it wasn't that terrible. I wish Vreeland had included historical notes at the end. I wanted to know what drew from records of Artemisia's real life and what was fabricated. I guess if I really want to know I'll have to dig up a nonfiction account of her life and works.