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My dad once said to me, "You give a lot of books three stars." I do.

Take What You Can Carry

Take What You Can Carry - Kevin C. Pyle

I didn't have very high expectations of this book but it managed to not meet them.


The internment side of the story is told without words. I sometimes found it difficult to understand what was happening. I don't think the artwork was clear or clean enough. Also I think there's something there about being voiceless. I kept going back and forth as to whether I thought it was a good idea and after finishing the book I've landed on not. I think if Pyle were a stronger artist it might have worked. As it is, I felt uncomfortable reading a story all about a white kid's problems while the Japanese kid literally had no voice until the end.


I just didn't care about the 70s(?) storyline and that was half the book. Then the part I was interested in just wasn't that great. Read Citizen 13660 by Miné Okubo if you're looking for a graphic novel about Japanese internment.