An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge

My dad once said to me, "You give a lot of books three stars." I do.

The Almost Moon

The Almost Moon: A Novel by Sebold, Alice [Little, Brown and Company, 2007] (Hardcover) [ Hardcover ] - Sebold

I really DNF this book. I read 14 pages. The summary on the back of the book intrigued me. The idea that the action takes place in just 24 hours sounded interesting, but once I started reading I decided this is not the book for me. I enjoyed Sebold's The Lovely Bones (which I read when I was ~14 and haven't reread since... I suspect it might horrify me now), but The Almost Moon feels overwritten. I don't believe the novel will ever get to be searing (or fast-paced) like it says on the tin.


From what I've seen on goodreads this is a very polarizing book. I have a feeling if I finish it, I'll be in the camp that hates it so I'm not going to waste my time.