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The Encounter

The Encounter - Katherine Applegate

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I didn't read too many Tobias books as a kid, but as an adult I appreciate his story better. His internal conflict is well portrayed. I was worried the story might not work that well because of reasons, but Tobias is kept a part of the action and the story flows pretty naturally. Note: An outsider's description of morphing is somehow so much grosser than a morpher describing what's happening to their body.


Possible spoilers under the cut.


KASU: Marco doesn't have a bald eagle morph

Question: Why don't the Animorphs pull double duty and have someone fishing on shore and someone in morph (3/5 of them have fishing bird of prey morphs) also fishing. I know that the logic of their world probably would say that many morphs in a short time span would wear them out, but they could have at least discussed the idea.

In this book I found myself questioning where they live. I know where they supposedly live, but that location never made sense to me. Especially with the inclusion of wolves. I always thought they lived in Oregon/Washington on the coast.